Source code for piview.Host

# Project:    PiView
# Filename:
# Location:   ./piview
# Author:     Adrian Gould <>
# Created:    10/04/21
# This file provides the following features, methods and associated supporting
# code:
# - get boot time
# - get model
# - get revision
# - get serial
# - get uptime
# The following may be deprecated at some point:
# - name

from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from socket import gethostname
from sys import version_info

import psutil

[docs]class Host: @staticmethod
[docs] def boot_time(): """ Determines the time the device was started :rtype: datetime :return: How long ago the Pi was booted """ booted_at = datetime.fromtimestamp(psutil.boot_time()) return booted_at
[docs] def model(): """ Provide Pi Model Details Extracts the details from the device tree model file :rtype: string :return: The model name and other identifying details """ try: my_model = open('/proc/device-tree/model').readline() except: my_model = "Error" return my_model
[docs] def name(): """ Provides the host name to the user :rtype: string :return: The host name of the Pi """ return gethostname()
[docs] def python(): """ Get current Python version :rtype: string :return: A string containing the version of python that is being used """ pythonv = '.'.join([str(x) for x in version_info[:3]]) return pythonv
[docs] def revision(): """ Provide board revision details The details are extracted from the cpu info file :rtype: string :return: The revision number of the Pi motherboard """ my_revision = "Error" try: f = open('/proc/cpuinfo', 'r') for line in f: if line[0:8] == 'Revision': my_revision = line[11:-1] f.close() except: my_revision = "Error" return my_revision
[docs] def serial(): """ Provide the Serial Number of the Pi CPU The details are extracted from the cpu info file :rtype: string :return: The Pi's serial number """ my_cpu_serial = "Error" try: f = open('/proc/cpuinfo', 'r') for line in f: if line[0:6] == 'Serial': my_cpu_serial = line[10:26] f.close() except: my_cpu_serial = "Error" return my_cpu_serial
[docs] def uptime(): """ Determines the amount of time the device has been running for in seconds :rtype: float :return: The time that the Pi has been 'up' for """ booted_at = Host.boot_time() current_at = uptime_seconds = (current_at - booted_at).total_seconds() uptime = timedelta(seconds=uptime_seconds) return uptime