Source code for piview.Network

# Project:    PiView
# Filename:
# Location:   ./piview
# Author:     Adrian Gould <>
# Created:    10/04/21
# This file provides the following features, methods and associated
# supporting code:
# - host name
# - interface names
# - ip addresses
# - mac addresses

import os
from socket import gethostname

[docs]class Network: @staticmethod
[docs] def host_name(): """Provide the host name to the user :rtype: string :return: The host name of the Pi """ # return platform.node() # return platform.uname()[1] return gethostname()
[docs] def eth_name(_type=None): """Provide the Ethernet interface name :param _type: string, possible options are: enx or eth :rtype: string :return: The network interface name """ options = ['enx', 'eth'] interface = None if _type == 'w': options = ['wla'] if _type == 'l': options = ['lo'] try: for root, dirs, files in os.walk('/sys/class/net'): for dir in dirs: for option in options: if dir[:3] == option: interface = dir except: interface = "None" return interface
[docs] def mac(interface='eth0'): """Provides the hardware MAC address for the interface requested Default is eth0 :param interface: string, the interface name to query :rtype: string :return: Mac address of the selected interface """ # Return the MAC address of named Ethernet interface try: line = open('/sys/class/net/%s/address' % interface).read() except: line = "None" return line[0:17]
[docs] def ip(interface='eth0'): """Provide IP Address from the named interface Default is eth0 Uses the ifconfig command to create a text file, then processes this file to obtain the IP address. :param interface: string, the interface to obtain the IP address for :rtype: string :return: IPv4 address of the selected interface """ try: filename = 'ifconfig_' + interface + '.txt' os.system('ifconfig ' + interface + ' > /home/pi/' + filename) f = open('/home/pi/' + filename, 'r') skip_line = f.readline() # skip 1st line line = f.readline() # read 2nd line line = line.strip() f.close() if line.startswith('inet '): a, b, c = line.partition('inet ') a, b, c = c.partition(' ') a = a.replace('addr:', '') else: a = 'None' return a except: return 'Error'